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Globally recognised, online Advisory
Certification and Training

The Certified Professional Business Advisor (CPBA) course is an online, self-paced course, designed for anyone offering advice to small to medium sized businesses. We believe all professional advisors offering advice should be certified.


The role of an advisor

  • What skills an advisor needs
  • How to be a successful advisor
  • Strategic, execution and accountability
  • Practical tool – Business Iceberg Modelling


Developing your
business model

  • Advisory practice business model basics
  • Sample charge rates
  • Face to face or online advisory
  • Business model evolution
  • Improving practice profitability
  • Leveraging technology and what will hold you back


Conducting client
discovery meetings

  • Building trust
  • Confidence building and experience
  • Looking for client hot buttons
  • Mapping the client discovery process
  • Practical tool – Sample Client Discovery Template


Strategic Direction and
Business Planning

  • Introduction to strategic thinking and business planning
  • The business planning process
  • Developing a one page strategy
  • Conducting customer, competitor, swot analysis
  • People, alignment and culture
  • Goal setting and project managing accountability
  • Practical tool – Sample Business Plan Template


Monthly client review
meetings and scorecards

  • Conducting client review meetings
  • Developing KPI’s a case study and lessons to learn
  • Building strategies aligned with KPI’s
  • Developing a business scorecard
  • Review strategies and actions, client accountability meetings


Marketing Your Practice

  • Developing advisory marketing material
  • 7 keys to winning new clients
  • Leveraging methodologies and programs
  • Spicing up your marketing
  • Networking and positioning your practice
  • Collaborating with other advisors
  • How do clients choose advisors
  • What successful advisors do
  • What unsuccessful advisors do
  • What will hold you back

Free Business Survival Guide

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, consultants and advisors have a responsibility to help their clients, not only from a business perspective, but also at a personal level. This 144 page colour workbook goes through a 24 step program for you to work through with your clients to build personal


Free Cash Burn Calculator

It’s important for consultants and advisors to help strategise new sources of revenue and to do ‘what if’ analysis when potentially cutting costs. This cash burn calculator will help you easily calculate and forecast how much cash your clients will need to survive the crisis.

Frequently Asked

Frequently Asked Questions

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