Features of using an Admission Management System

The Admission Management System gives the simplest and faster path to get your students in shortlisting the institutions and courses, handles all the list of prospective students applications (one form with multiple applications), documentation packs, tracking the process, real-time updates and follow-ups, payment follow-ups and visa processing.

Centralized Platform

A comprehensive solution to centralize your leads, accept and process all your students' application process from any source. This platform makes it easy and efficient without missing any activity.

Complete Automation

Automates all activities and processes related to student recruiting with integrated solutions. The global admissions procedure frees up your resources for use in other activities.

Track Application Progress

One platform replaces multiple ineffective methods. Through the system's dashboard, you can track the progress of your admissions application.

Advanced Analytics

With reliable analytics you can determine the most applied courses and institutions, more offer releases and prospect students list. The best way to improve performance and strategies in your recruitment process.

Prioritize response

With a large volume of enquiries or applications, whom to reach first? A dynamic system gives you priority communications with your students enquiries and queries through automated follow-ups, email triggerings and notifications.

Financial Guidance

The most important parts of admission are payment types - application fee, tuition fee, living expenses, etc.., and the mode of payment. Institution wise details and payment options are guided to you within in the application process with proper tracker and follow ups

Access 150+ Recruiters Globally


Lead Management

Paperless Lead Management ensures zero-lead leakage


Intellectual filter for Universities & Courses

The programme nevertheless offers a fantastic platform for course and institution suggestions based on the student's interests. For numerous courses, we partnered with prestigious colleges in several nations. You can also access directly through our course search engine in the interim. These intellectual search engines might be used by recruiters to look into international suggestions for higher education admittance.


Application Automation & Tracking

Managing and scaling your admissions has never been this easy by organising, managing, and streamlining applications in a unified platform. Let your students undergo a fast and interactive experience and track the status of all applications in real time in one place. It helps you get a 360° view of your applicants and take all necessary actions. Further, you can evaluate the progress of your applications via real-time metrics and accelerate the application-to-enrolment rate to optimise team productivity, deliver supreme experiences and scale quality admissions.


360° insight-driven reporting and analytics

We know how important this is, and that's exactly why you can visualise your staffing agency's performance using multiple criteria and metrics that you can track and keep an eye on. Conversions coupled with activity metrics like flagged follow-ups tracked and communication, there's everything that can help you restructure your strategies to meet your operational goals, or simply gain more context for your agency performance.

Admission Faster

Document manager made your admission faster

Student profiles would be easily manageable, allowing immediate action. Everything is present, including Lead Activity, Communication Logs, Telephone Recordings, and the ability to identify the student's current stage. Allow highly nurturing based on the student's place in the enrollment process at the time.


Task manager assists your process still easier

Bring in a greater degree of flexibility while extending numerous benefits for your counsellors to drive and scale your admissions in task flow management and it works as a great reminder for your next work slot. Equip and empower your counsellor to keep a track of their everyday progress with leads and applications. Follow-Ups, reminders, and notes are all available in real-time for them to maximise their productivity.


Mobile App Kit

Remote-ready admissions team with mobile CRM. On-the-go admissions management. With only one click, you can learn everything about your leads and performance.

Why Entrily Most Trusted Software
for Global Student Recruiters?

Intellectual Eligibility
5X Admission
Timely Tracking
& Reporting
Automated Data
Backup & Security

Simplify your business

An all-in-one platform that supports every step of the recruitment process,
to make you work faster and smarter.

Simplify your business

Do more the regular or bulk communications.Delight your prospective students with contextualized support!

Lead Verification

Track every prospective student to their stage in the admission funnel to identify bottleneck and discover opporunities with a one-view canditate profile

Rule Engine for Task Automation

Slice and dice through the data using advanced filters to find leads you're exactly looking for

Data-drive Reports

working remotely and continously on the move? make or manage calls, add followups and notes,and more all from your mobile phone. easily and quickly.

Payment Integration

Identify the most promising leads from the pool to rightly prioritize your efforts.

Automatic scheduling

Measure and Analyze performances with detailed lead-disposition and allocation summaries to strategize your action-plans

Admissions counsellors may focus on student
conversions with this all-in-one tool

Put nurturing in context and
order your efforts.
Management of Enquiry
and Enrolment
Track daily progress with
real-time analytics
Mobile counselling
using an app

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We believe that great businesses are powered by great people. And to be a great business, you need to drive better outcomes through a connected workforce. We balance independent student needs with our business goals to create and manage an engaged workforce in one unified CRM.

EntrilyCRM is perfectly designed for startups, mid-sized & large entities– ranging from 10 employees to up to 5000 employees – and it is used in just about every industry and every state nationwide.

We understand that particular course search & application submissions may be difficult. Our own course database and the self-help page is designed to help you get the most of your application submission experience for the particular university.

Our EntrilyCRM handles most of your education consultant and global admission recruiters needs such as application submission & tracking the precision,application submission deadline, alerts management and many more.

Our entrilyCRM handles most of your needs for integrations parts and many more. You could discuss with our customer representative how entrilyCRM will help save time and the data you need to drive the strategic initiatives you really cares about that will be easily available.

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Yes. We have seen about 6 hours per week saving for our clients. You can now utilize this time for other critical business activities that you’ve been wanting to focus on.

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